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Accessibility Consultants and Trainers provides consulting and training services to
help organizations create accessible and inclusive environments for people with
disabilities and to fulfill the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with
Disabilities Act (AODA).  

As age-in-place specialists with thirty years of experience, we conduct
assessments of residential environments and provide advice to home owners to
support aging-in-place and visitability.
Will you or your organization be penalized for not fulfilling AODA requirements?

Organizations and/or their directors and officers may be fined for lack of compliance to the AODA and its
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What is the AODA?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was enacted by the government of Ontario in
2005.  This Act creates the framework for province-wide enforceable accessibility standards (regulations) in
the areas of:
1.        Customer service
2.        Employment
3.        Information and communication
4.        Transportation and
5.        Design of public spaces.

Who needs to comply with the AODA?  

AODA standards apply to private, non-profit and public sector organizations that have at least one employee
in Ontario.

When do you need to comply?

Compliance deadlines vary with each standard and also depend on the number of employees your
organization has and whether it is a private, non-profit, designated public sector organization or part of the
Government of Ontario or Legislative Assembly. Refer to the AODA standards for compliance deadlines.  
Links to the standards are found in the
Resources page.
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What do you need to do?

The following list represents a sample of AODA obligations.  Obligations and compliance deadlines vary
depending on the size and type of your organization e.g. public sector, small or large private sector, etc.
Please refer to the AODA accessibility standards for details on your requirements and compliance deadlines.
Links to the standards are found in the
Resources page.   

Partial list of requirements for the AODA accessibility standards:
•        AODA policies and procedures
•        Accessibility training
•        Accessible customer service
•        Accessible emergency information
•        Accessible information and communication supports
•        Accessible documents
•        Accommodate job applicants, job candidates and employees with disabilities
•        Accessible websites
•        Accessible feedback process
•        Allow persons with disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals and support persons
•        Accessible service areas, waiting areas, playgrounds, parking spaces and other spaces.
•        Provide notice of service and facility disruptions that impact persons with disabilities
•        Multi-year accessibility plan
•        Accessible procurement
•        Accessible educational and library materials
•        Accessible transportation
•        AODA compliance reporting to the provincial government

*The Ontario Building Code contains additional accessibility requirements for built spaces.
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What is the AMA?

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) was enacted by the government of Manitoba in 2013.  This Act
creates the framework for province-wide accessibility rights legislation and for the creation of enforceable
standards for accessibility.

At this time one accessibility standard in Manitoba has become law.  The Customer Service Standard
Regulation came into force under the authority of the AMA in November, 2015.  The province of Manitoba is
expected to create additional accessibility standards.